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Compact maps by Josh Mills. Not exactly a new concept, eh?

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We're back after a small break! Or was it a medium-sized break? I don't know. Whatever. Let's get going.

Compact Maps 3 by Josh Mills. I have said so much about the man in previous posts that I no longer know how to introduce him without repeating myself... Except, whoops, I just did! Never mind. Compact Maps 3 includes four single-map scenarios. In Bring Home the Cheese, the author promises lots of secret doors and suggests drinking a lot of Coke before playing (don't ask me why). In Call in Sherlock Holmes, there's... a lot of secret passages again. In If You Look Closely Enough... the author says you will have to depend on objects to win, and in Let's Play Tag, lots of quick Officers will stand in your way. That's all, have fun.

Josh Mills

compact3 1

compact3 2

Compact Maps 3

And no, we don't have anything special prepared for the 30th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D. It's a dead maze game, nobody cares, go away. Or at least try looking elsewhere.

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