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During the recent development phases I found some nasty bugs in the game and as such I'm planning a new master release to ship the new corrected version.

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As you may already have know if you follow my twitter account, I scheduled a new master release for Darlink. This new version is necessary to correct many game bugs that will avoid you from playing the game correctly.

For now, as I'm testing the game again to see what is broken and what should/should not be fixed, the list of bugs is 5 hits long. These, except two of them, are all crucial bugs and could seriously alter your game experience and/or crash the game.

The Bugs discovered now are caused by some distraction during development (some missed variables here, some missed trees there, etc...) and because I changed some of the core scripts half way during the testing of v2.8.0 (That will never happen again as I'm going toward a better project management structure).

I want to remember you all that if you spot a bug, something you think it's not as it should, missed items, no key items drop from bosses, or any other issue you might find playing the game, report it to me. We have mails, we have GitHub issues page, there is comments functions on every site I made and also on here, Twitter, Facebook and many other ways. So if you spot something nasty and want to report it, by all means do it. This will help toward a cleaner and better game.

Last thing... The next release (planned for Saturday 14th) will have some new features and better integrations of the Skill System during battles. Third chapter is still in development, but the mapping progressed from 30% to 35% (it seems a little improvement, but actually I had to test the game so much more work will be done later). Also all (Intro, 1st Chapter and 2nd Chapter) should be correct with the next release.

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