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I am still here you know. I have been watching this page, and all people seem to care about is GC. In fact, everyone wants GC but nobody wants to help. Go figure...

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I am still here you know.

I have been watching this page, and all people seem to care about is GC. In fact, everyone wants GC but nobody wants to help. Go figure...

There is two things I need to say.

1. GC completion is at roughly 95% It is functioning and it is actually quite enjoyable. It certainly adds a fun dimension to this game. I will give a few spoilers.

  • The GC defines Galaxies at War. Right now, there is one campaign and it basically is a total free for all against all of the factions. With The Rebels, The Empire, The Consortium, The Federation, The Borg, The UNSC/Covenant, and a NEW FACTION all vying for control of the galaxy, unless you work fast, your military will be dwindled away by the enemy forces.
  • With a GC Build limit in place, you must KNOW your faction and how to use them. You can only build so many Assault Carriers and so many spread them out and use them wisely.
  • I kinda...KINDA...messed with the canonical universe and SMASHED everything together so everything fits into one nice galaxy. What does this mean? Well...Did you know Cardassia is right next to a Halo?

2. I will not be releasing this update any time soon.

You are all saying "NAKED CROOK...WHY!?"

Simple...because I posted news about 73 days ago looking for help, and not a single person came forward to help me. Obviously, as it seems to me, you guys care less about WHEN something gets released, so long as it is being worked on and will EVENTUALLY be released.

When is this eventually? I dunno...

Now, you guys are all thinking "I am going to volunteer to try and get him to release"

Unfortunately, I am not going to play that game.

If you wish to join the design team, for whatever reason, (legitimate interest or selfish desire to get the internal build to put it on Filefront), I am willing to let you join the design team to help me, but you will not be granted access to the internal build with (95%) completed GC. Version 2.0 will be given to everyone upon release, and then those who decided to help with GaW will be kept up-to-date with any future upgraded internal builds (so long as you actually work!)

You might think I am a jerk for doing this. And yes, to a degree I am a jerk for doing this. I could very well upload the completed GC and allow everyone to update. However, I feel I do not have the support of the community with this project. I don't even get a single suggestion for the mod. All I get is the equivalent of "are we there yet?"

Until I actually see more interest in the development process, I will show no interest in your desires to play the mod.

I know there are some people out there (I don't know who you are) that are actually legitimately interested in the mod. I am forced to apologize to you are being thrown in with the majority who care very little for the development process. Unfortunatly, I am not psychic, and I simply cannot deduce who is actually interested, and who isn't.

TAL-EL - - 111 comments

i would love to help the only problem being i have no experience in modding whatsoever otherwise i would be glad to

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shortandpoor - - 240 comments

Same here. I need to learn though.

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Kairu - - 78 comments

Modding XML isn't hard.

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thufir - - 73 comments

your statement, "Modding XML isn't hard", is true in many many instances, but is too simplistic. changing what level starbase is required to build a certain ship is absolutely simple. but what if concentrate fire from a hero unit, when targeting a ship that is a variant of another ship causes an exception, is it not hard to find the reason for this? Or what if you are having a problem getting all space units to fight on the same layer in space tactical combat, is this also so simple. And what if a person does not know exactly what EVERY different line of XML code effects. Sure most XML lines can be figured out by comparison or testing, but it still takes awhile to learn how everything effects everything else.

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ODST_General - - 257 comments

Did a bit of a double take when I saw this update, sucks you never got that help. But its good to see your still kickin.

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thufir - - 73 comments

I am in the same boat as TAL-EL, when i saw V1.0 come out, i thought this looked like the coolest Mod, but i prefer GC over Skirmish(i really dont even play skirmish). I downloaded the Mod even without GC, and when i saw your request for help with GC, I Tried to see what i could do, but all i really can do is XML editing and some other small stuff, i tried working on GC for hours, but could not even get the AI to build a ship. So...realizing i just do not have the skill or knowledge to help, i resigned myself to wait for next release(which i thought would have taken WAY longer to finish). Any way, my heart was in the right place, but my brain could do nothing to help, I really look forward to whenever you decide to release the GC, will be awesome.Oh, and thanks for all your hard work, and skills.

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power.5000 - - 220 comments

i can do everything and nothing i kinda know my way around modeling making extremly basic meshes and suck at texturing .... i cant even get it to load and i know some scripting.... ive been trying to learn more while TRYING to mod homeworld 2 but if u need anything i could try to help but i really wouldnt be much help -_- maybe in a couple weeks ill be more helpfull... idk

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mapayne - - 621 comments

Naked Crook. You do realise that in making this statement your more likely to lose the fans you already have. What you don't seem to understand is that for the past 2 years at least the dedicated community for this game has declined to the point of there being nearly no one who is still modding the game. Look at EEAW. I've seen, in the past week, aprox 6 posts (and that includes only a couple of new threads). FF forum is in the same boat. People just aren't interested in playing a game thats the best part of 10 years old. You also have to realise that if you quit your own project now then at least two things will happen:

1) You may make a bad name for yourself in whats left of the community, as someone who starts a project but quits just because they can't do something for it themselves. This may effect any endeavour you might try in the future.

2) All the current work you've done will be wasted time which you would have put to better usage.

Now I appologise if that sounds down right mean but in all the years I've been modding for this is the effect that quitting a project can have for someone and there are times when you have to face reality. In the end are you modding this game for yourself or the community (whats left of it). My own personaly answer to this is that I always mod for myself and learn every important aspect for my mod myself. Perhaps you might want to think about doing the same.

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NakedCrook Author
NakedCrook - - 269 comments

I see where you are coming from MAP...but its not like modding EaW is rocket science. It took me a total of 48 hours to learn how to mod Empire at War to a decent extent.

Alas, as I am a university student, I do need help with this kind of project. I did work on it when I had spare time. And I did not say that I was quitting by any means, I am just trying to convey the message that without help, I am basically moving at a snaisl pace. between...

-coding (AI, XML)
-debugging can get overwhelming. I doubt I would make a bad name for myself abandoning a project with such huge demands with no help. Alas...I never said I was quitting. I was simply stating that there is no way I could ever get a decent amount of updating done at current pace.

There are still a few bugs in the GC that I would like to correct but tracking them down is a pain. It takes me an hour or so to test every little tweak I make.

But I do stick by my guns when I say XML is not really that hard to learn...its is just rudimentary English in brackets. Saying that there is no skill out there is like saying there is not enough people who know how to ride a bike. It is that easy...

Anyone who says "I want to help but I don't know XML"...that is not a good excuse.

Alas...MAP...I may do a bit more balancing with GC and release it sometime...when I feel that I should...but beyond that I may call it a day and wrap up with this mod.

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makutateridax20 - - 6 comments

dispite you acting like you did not get anything i still downloaded your mod if i knew what is tant amount to "hacking a game without f**king it up" i would help but considering what you just said up at the top of the page about expecting top of the line help from starters whom are just learning to mod or have not the resources to help i think you might not deserve me even taking the time

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Rebelmoon - - 510 comments

I agree with MAP. The available skill you want just isn't out there. The skill that is out there is already committed to other mods. You shouldn't blame people for something they can't give you.

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#k - - 886 comments

i agree with the 2 before me, while i see where youre coming from it isnt fair, alot of people would like to help but cant so its practically being punished for not being able to fly...

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thufir - - 73 comments

I think it is unfair to say that XML editing is as easy as riding a bike. I can ride a bike, but i spent hours trying to get units to fight in the same "level" in space tactical combat in GC, but to no reward. I have taught myself how to tweak things in XML to adjust mods for fun, but any "Big" changes.....
Some things in XML editing could be equivalent to "Rudimentary english in brackets" but there are larger problems i have tried to fix that i do not think that metaphor can be applied to, so i stick with my excuse that i do not have the XML editing skills to put together a GC. If given a "real" problem, my attempt would probably create more problems then fixes. These are the reasons that i tried when i heard your, Call to Arms, but i thought you would not want my kind of help.
Now if i had thought you were looking for people to track down bugs in GC, that takes more Time then Skill, i would have been more then happy to help, and would still help, if.....
And i must say, i cannot get rid of this feeling that you saying the degree of XML editing you were looking for is as easy as riding a bike and rudimentary english is condenscending, and unfair. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and there are possibly things I can do which you cannot?
Well, if you are ever looking for grunt work to be done, i would help in any way i can, i would like to see this mod gain GC.

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Kairu - - 78 comments

You guys, Naked Crook has a point. It's not just XML that goes into a mod. XML is a key in modding for this game, but it's not the only thing on the table here. He gave a list, modeling, texturing, skinning, etc. This is taking these big well known series and mashing them together. A lot of the models are home-brewed. Learning XML is easy. I am in the majority who uses notepad and edits the values myself and not the editor. So if you have a decent high-end computer, you can model (granted you have the right programs). It takes a team to efficiently make a successful mod. If you can't do anything but texture then offer help to texture and let everyone else focus on the other aspects in need of modding.

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makutateridax20 - - 6 comments

yeah and if someone who is working with the oh so great naked crook decides "hey he is an a*****e i'll just take this 95 o;mpleted mod and give it away considering what you have gone and said i would not be surprised

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