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yep, like in that song from glados, we're still alive, and with some crusty intel ^^

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yep we're still not dead. And in other news we got a new member in the team, koala5000, wich is a UDK specialist. (just that:D jk... )

So, things are beginning to mount up, we got our first imported model working with a custom UDK skeleton that use the default anim tree. For now it will help us create the gameplay prototype. we also got a weapon model on the way (you can see it in the gallery...)

I have been told that i'm really discrete about the gameplay mechanics and such, aaaand i got to be honest, it's true. ^^ cuz we want H3L to blow your mind off when it will come out(If I can tell you something: H3L is the strange child of an orgy between battlefield, tf2, quake 3, cod4 and UT3. That's it! No more hints until you see it by yourselves in a video, or ingame ^^ )

BTW! We still need people with any skill that could help bringing this game to life, don't fear contacting us, we don't bite.^^

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