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The development of A Knight Never Yields never stops, only for a tea breaks. The neverending work manifested itself in a newest update,, which brings few, but major changes.

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First thing is complete graphical overhaul of a second level. Previously it was just this boring, long corridor with two traps. Traps stayed, but I have changed the long passage for much more interesting bridge connecting two parts of the dungeon. The bridge is important, but much more significant is the orange crystal hanging in the middle. It's a core of a dungeon, power source which keeps all the traps, torches and mechanisms alive and functioning.

I wanted to achieve a bit of rough look on the core - you can see chipped edges and completely missing bottom part. With the shackles hanging, it almost feels like the core wanted to break loose from it's unending labour. This will be later part of the lore, if and when I get to it. This time I am just prepparing a ground work.

Next thing in the update is escape button and main menu. Pressing escape no longer resets the level, but just pauses the game and waits for player to continue. Before it reseted the game for a good reason - just pausing the game breaks the sense of rhythm and makes it difficult to continue. But as some people pointed out, reseting the game seemed more like a bug than a feature. So I changed it.

Other changes include minor bug fixes, like menus overlaying one another. It wasn't as much of an unexpected bug, but chore in my GUI system that I was postposing for so long that I finally did it.

This will be all for today's update. Next update will bring polished character animations and some other bug fixes. I also began my work on some serious marketing, preparing promo materials and such. Those will be eventually used for a website which is in development as well.

Thanks for listening, don't forget to follow me on Twitter for every day news about development. See you around!


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