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I've decided to do a separate dev article about the upcoming patch "Stephanus".

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Next version will be titled "Stephanus", and it will turn the trialism event into a series of conferences, which will serve as a framework for the inclusion of various debates about putting this idea into effect and territory changes.

This patch will fundamentally rework both trialism events into a series of conferences, which will allow players a far wider range of decisions.

Current plans:

The initial event:
-Passing the initial event in favor of the immediate release will release Hungary and Croatia in a state of interregnum (this will probably also give some kind of debuff).

The Stephanian strife:
-The first major event will be a debate regarding the justification of a Hungarian-Croatian separation.
-On one side, pro-unification historians issue a memorandum, which argues in favor of the unification of the two countries under a single king. This side will refer to the Pacta conventa, arguing that the lands of Croat-Slavonia belong to the Holy Crown, so they should not be separated from Hungary.
-The other, pro-separatism side will ask the Emperor to reinstate the Crown of Zvonimir as the crown of Croatia, thus sparating the two countries de jure.
-The possible options for the player may include:
-Siding with the unionists, which unifies Hungary and Croatia, probably giving the united kingdom a unique flag and name.
-Siding with the separatists, which leaves Hungary and Croatia intact.
-Dismissing/acknowledging both groups: This will start another event leading to a Hungarian-Croatian debate (maybe even a war?) to settle the issue.

Further planned events:
-The territories given by the initial event will be according to the "Coronation Lands" plan (same as now except Slovenia).
-There will be a series of debate events regarding the territories included in other trialism plans, such as Galicia, Bucovina and Slovenia. These will probably be included in a later patch.
-If certain states are taken during the Great war, vassal states might ask for them.

Please post opinions, suggestions or ideas about these, or other events! I want to include as many possibilities as possible. Thank you!

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