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Progress made with the upcoming "Stephanus" update since last post.

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[UPDATE: I'll try to release the next version tomorrow, there's not much left to do.]

Added stuff:

Added two focuses to release Galicia-Lodomeria with a pro-Ukrainian or a pro-Polish king. Choosing the pro-Polish king adds cores in all post-war Polish territories except Danzig, choosing the pro-Ukrainian king adds cores in all territories which are cored by Ukraine in the treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

Added Galicia as a new country, with unique ideology-flags and names.

Added Bohemia as a new country, so the release of Czechoslovakia is not affected anymore.

Replaced the kings as mentioned in the previous post.

Made the Hungarian and Croatian separation events. The order of these events: 1. Trialism event 2. Stephanian debate 3.-4. Fate of Transcarpathia and Fate of Slovenia.

Added some conditions for the focuses and events (like, A-H can't release Bohemia if it doesn't control Czechia). IMPORTANT: Currently, you won't be able to release Galicia-Lodomeria anymore if you give Bucovina to Romania.

Made building fixes for Burgenland and Syrmia.

Colored the Hungarian and the pro-Polish Galician portrait, and found a painting of the Bohemian one.

Yet to do:

-Set the proper intervalls between the trialism events.

-Add advisors for the new countries.

-More coloring.

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