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The first news update for Stephano Quest. First Screenshots and Darth Ninja answers some questions about Stephano Quest.

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So yeah, Stephano Quest. What have you done so far?

Well I've finished most of the coding and scripting with the custom story. And I have a descent amount of map progress. It's only three days into development (I only did work on two days though) at the moment but I think I've done quite a lot since I started. On the first day there were a few issues which took a long time to fix but I got them fixed and it's been smooth running since. Also, you can look at the screenshots in the image section of the Mod DB page for Stephano Quest.

What is Stephano Quest about?

Stephano Quest is your average Amnesia custom story. You try to scare people withe lots of jumpscares and flying naked guys.


No. I'm actually trying to create genuine scares with this custom stories. But as to what it's about. Stephano Quest is based on PewDiePie Fan-Fiction. In the custom story you are playing as PewDiePie and you're trying to rescue PewDiePie's dear friend, Stephano. It's simple yes, but I think a lot of PewDiePie's bros (subscribers/fans) will be interested and maybe even PewDiePie himself.

How experienced are you at making games?

Well I wouldn't say I'm the best. I try my hardest and usually I come out with something good. I've made games using a variety of different programs. I started out using Gamemaker, once I mastered that I used Flash and then CMD. After that I started using the Source Engine. My strengths would provably be in Programming and Mapping. And my weakness would definitely be Modelling since I never learned how to do it.

When did you first start using the HPL2 Engine/Amnesia to make games?

Only three days ago. This is my first go at making an Amnesia mod/custom story. Although, I think I'm doing pretty good for someone who began using it three days ago. I've learnt how to program I think I've got most of the mapping part of it down. I found it pretty easy to move to the HPL2 Engine/Amnesia from the Source Engine. They're very alike and I find both pretty good to use. Also it's a lot easier to do things on the HPL2 Engine/Amnesia than the Source Engine.

When do you think Stephano Quest will be finished?

I'd say a few weeks to a month. It all depends on how much time I get to work on it around my personal life and commitments.

So what's in Stephano Quest's and Rock-It Lawnchair Games' futures?

Well I hope Stephano Quest is accepted by the community and is well-liked, and as for Rock-It Lawnchair Games, I have two more planned Amnesia custom stories and after that, well I don't know, many different things could happen.

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