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Taking it a day at a time. Also want to help with the mod? Go to the forums.

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Ever since starting Esterlyn, already it has become quite daunting, ever since starting off the concepts, the ideas, the style, I had to keep thinking could this engine at the end of it all, run it, well, luckily for me it can, but before making the models, that are recently in the game, I had some serious style changes from a wild west steampunk style, to a fairly realistic cartoony look, then to this look, a cel-shaded outlined look(Which will be achieved with Polik GroNak's Cel-shader 4.0 post-process shader. So that is ok. So far I'm currently writing a script of Quests, so if you have any ideas for quests, go to the forums, and in the ideas, all ideas will be accounted for and I'll try to place them within the game. But you help will help me out alot, being a lone-developer and all. Also if you want help further with the mod aka. model, texture, map, you can... Just go to the forums and in the same board just post up a "Want to Help" thread.:) Thanks.

Also I've updated the mod with a brand new skull model.

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