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A Rundown of the newly-designed Steir! It took me a while, but I finally got it done - I gotta say, it's the weirdest creature as of yet, for MyWorld.

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So I've finally got the basics of the Steir civilization designed and I must say, it's the weirdest civilization yet. I've only got an outline and small details drawn thus far, so I won't be posting that just yet.

Basics of the Steir

The Steir are "junkless" creatures that adopt newborns that the Queen has popped out. They love playing music and have one instrument that they dedicate their life to, alongside working for the Hive. The Hive is the underground complex that they live in. A cross between a bee hive, ant colony and dwarven halls. Odd, I know.


The Government is very ant-like, but with exceptions. They have a single queen that pops out the male and female newborns, which is then handled by Handmaidens whom clean them and prepare them, finally delivering them to the Adoption Service.
The Queen is guarded by Guardian Steirs that never leave the Queen's reproduction cavern.
Once in a Queen's lifetime, she will give birth to a female with a black stripe down it's back, which indicates it as the next Queen, therefore a Princess. When the Queen dies, the Princess will take over.


Steir have a natural love for music and have many instruments that they have crafted over the years. It is natural for a Steir to have an instrument made just for them, or even to pass one down the family.
Though a Steir is more likely to have one personally tailored with a symbol he has designed imprinted on the instrument. The Steir will then play this instrument each and every day for the rest of his life and take care of it with a religious fervour.
It is a natural event for a Steir to be walking along, pull out his instrument and play it on the spot. Steir that aren't busy will then pull their own instruments out and join the forming band.
The band will stop only to say farewell to a retiring player, before continuing once again.

The songs often start as well-known ones to get the players into a rhythm, then the original player will start a new tune, continuously playing off from the previous song, where the other players will follow in-step.
As Steir eventually have to leave, the band slowly dissipates, if not reinforced by newcomers, till none are left. If the original player leaves, it is likely the entire group will disband, but this does not always happen.
This event can sometimes go on for days on-end with new players refreshing over and over.

Food Gathering

The Steir are "large" creatures that employ non-sentient creatures to farm and gather food for them. One creature is a "small" sized being known as Feiwese. Feiwese are given large caverns with housing carved in the rock. The Feiwese are natural farmers, so with given plantations, the Feiwese gather the food and bring it to a collection point for the Steir.
The other creature that the Steir employ is the A'a, which are "huge" worm-like creatures. They are sent out to tunnel underground and gather food in their mouths, which is brought back to a bay-like underground hall for the Steir to collect.
Otherwise Steir trade for food with their allies, the Vapiole, and send out hunting parties to gather from bushes and such.


The Steir have one common mount, the Korais. The Korais is an intelligent and large creature. Its natural armour and ferocity makes it the perfect mount, friend and guardian for the Steir. Korais are as often mounts as they are pets.
Another less-common mount is the aquatic Devoey. The Devoey is large, friendly and fast. It is often used for pulling seacraft made by the Steir for trading with the Vapiole or as single mounts for <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> Normal 0 </xml> The Devoey was given to the Steir by the Vapiole as a gift at the forming of the Alliance.

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