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A newly updated version of the highly acclaimed SteelMod, adding a host of new features and possibilities in Alpha 12 of 7 Days To Die.

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A newly updated version of the highly acclaimed SteelMod, adding a host of new features and possibilities in Alpha 12 of 7 Days To Die.

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SteelMod v3.0 (RPG MOD)

Added 10 Primary Jobs to 4 Factions. Colonist, Marauders, Falcon Regime, & Exiled Warriors will now have the following randomized jobs.
– Gunsmith
– Craftsman
– Doctor
– Explosives Dealer
– Farmer
– Armor Apprentice
– Cook
– Carpenter
– Technician
– Trapper

Added the Following Secondary Jobs (in order of the listed Primary Jobs above):
– Arms Dealer
– Blacksmith
– Surgeon
– Demolitions Expert
– Sharecropper
– Armor Expert
– Chef
– Architect
– Engineer
– Survivalist

The revised Merchant class has some familiar and new items:
– Oil
– Beer (improved so it’s more useful)
– Coffee
– Goldenrod Tea
– Flashlight02
– Bottled Water 2 (Filtered with a Car Filter)
– Electronic Lock
– Gas Can (From Oil Barrels)
– Wall Oven
– Can Venison
– Can Pork
– Can Rabbit
– Candy Tin
– Car Battery
– Hubcap
– Air Filter
– Grain Alcohol

Added the following new items, which will be found in Secondary Classes or looted:
– Peroxide
– Sterile Bandage (Removes Infection)
– Advanced Antibiotics (Buffed Wellness)
– Herbal Antibiotics (Buffed Wellness)
– AntiMutigen (Used to make Adv. Anti)
– Iron Splint (Almost no slowdown)
– Sanitizer (heals + removes infection)
– Protein Drink (food, water + stamina)
– Bone Splint (quick splint from bone)
– Crude Splint (the now standard splint. Doctor makes regular splint)
– Chef Knife (stronger Cook Knife)
– Paint (used for paintings)
– Steel Bat
– Steel Knife
– Steel Armor Set
– Steel Strips
– Steel Pipe
– Forged Steel
- Jet Injector (Heals Allies)
- Advanced Magnetic Sorting Machines & other appliances
- Dynamo, a.k.a big boom

– Removed full head covering helmets, and made Football Helmets & Swat helmets craftable, as well as increased defense on the two.

– Removed bandannas from loot, to prevent Faction switching at will

– Left minibike recipe open to allow everyone to build the bike, and experience it on the server. This will change in the future.

– Tweaked loot to increase difficulty

– Reduced XP on zombies and crafted items, to increase difficulty.

Why can’t I craft all the gun parts?
With the new Faction job system in place, Most jobs are different from other Factions. The Colonist Gunsmith will be able to craft 2 Pistol parts, 3 Shotgun parts (short barrel included), 1 Magnum part, and 1 Sniper Rifle part, with the know how to craft all known guns except the Hunting Rifle. The Marauder Gunsmith will get the other 2 Pistol and Shotgun parts, 1 Magnum part, and one Sniper Rifle part. The Falcon Regime & Exiled Warriors will get a mix of the 2 Pistol and Shotgun Parts, and the final 2 pieces needed for the Magnum & Sniper Rifle.

What this means is that the Merchant is going to become a serious center point for trade and business. There will need to be one in order to distribute wares and get goods to the people. If you’re looking for parts, you need to contact a Merchant to see if he/she has was you’re looking for. You can also negotiate deals with other Factions to trade off items, but that’s at you and the Factions discretion.

INtense! Staff

Great work keep it up!

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RedW0lf Author

Thank you intense! Glad to see it is taking some notice :)

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