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Today's news is mainly about AHL2 servers not showing up in Steam's main server browser, but read it all: there's also AHL2 news.

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It seemed like a long time since mod developers have been hit by one of Valve's changes to the SDK, Steam or anything related to it. This time around, it's the main server browser again. You won't find any games for Source 2007 based mods there, although the in-game server browser works flawlessly. I've investigated the issue a little and using Wireshark I was able to see that the main server browser does in fact query the game list and actually receives it - it just doesn't display it. Some time ago I wanted to learn about master server queries, the result is a small tool which checks your installed Source and GoldSrc mods and allows you to query the available games. You can find it here: Steam Game Server Query Tool. Just download the file, extract it anywhere you like and run the included .exe file. It'll quickly scan for installed games and adds them to the dropdown list named "Game Type". Select a game, for example "Action Half-Life 2" and it'll query the games list to display the available games in the table below. Double-click any of the games and you'll be taken straight to that server, no matter if Steam's already running or not. The filter options speak for themselves, the only thing left to explain is the context menu for the trayicon (temporarily) installed by the application. You can set an interval for the application to query the game list and to show a notification in case players are online. That's about it, hopefully this remedies the situation a little as there are in fact AHL2 servers up and running.

In AHL2 news: many tickets have been fixes and thus closed recently, all of them bugfixes. One slightly larger bugfix and two easy ones are left, afterwards it's on to the enhancements (read: new features). Unfortunately there's nothing in regards to pictures or videos to share at the moment, otherwise we would have done so already. Stay tuned, once there's no media to share it'll get posted in this very space.

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