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Build your own robot hero and conquer the roguelike dungeon in SteamQuest!

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We have reached quite important milestone, we just started our campaign on Steam Greenlight! :) We will be very grateful for your help, all the upvotes and comments!!! :)
Steam Quest is a commercial game that we are making with use of open source software like Godot Engine, Blender, Inkscape, Gimp... and this all is powered by Linux.

About SteamQuest:
Dual-stick steampunk shooter with RPG-elements in a world of machines with a pinch of post apocalyptic atmosphere, in a randomly generated labyrinths.

Your choices matter and are irreversible, so choose wisely! When you die you will lose items and experience but eventually you will be able to return into action. Your game progress will be saved for you automatically.


Your robot is built from various parts and they can be replaced! You can use different backpacks, shields, stealth modules or legs… We are still developing these parts and they will have real influence on playstyle.
You can change these parts in a special machine that is available in start location or occasionally can be found in the labyrinth.

Only a limited number of components can be used to build your hero. Some combinations will work better than the others.
Even though in the beginning most of the components will be unknown, you will discover new parts and blueprints through the gameplay

If you have a blueprints you can build new elements in a machine. But before you craft them you need to collect required materials.

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