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The steam version for Vent Mod is now available for download on the Black Mesa workshop!

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Greetings and salutations everyone!

I hope many of you have been enjoying the recent steam release of Black Mesa! Even if Xen is still in the works, I, (hopefully!) like most of you, scooped up the game in a heartbeat. I have dug into the recesses of Hammer once more so that the experience of Vent Mod can be enjoyed in the steam version's single player mode.

You can, of course, find it on the workshop. Link isn't working for some reason but you will find it there.

The steam version of this mod has been integrated into the newest version of the map supplied in the steam release. Naturally, since the very nature of Black Mesa itself has changed in the interim, and also because the decompile process is not perfect by any means, there are some slight regressions. I, however, do not think these will negatively affect your gameplay experience.

With the steam version's workshop integration, future patches, if any, will be a cinch.


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