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On December 29th Abomination Tower was greenlit, it will release on Steam February 13th

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Well, just when I thought it was time to start looking at other projects Abomination Tower got Greenlit.

I was surprised it happened so much that I had to check the email a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right. Thank you to everyone who voted for the game, I owe it to all of you that I get to release my game on Steam. I've set up a new website to help advertise the game before release which features a link to the steam store page. (

So, for the steam release I've added leaderboards, cards and achievements to the game as well as a Linux build. A few people were asking earlier about a linux build for the game, well now it is done and will be coming with the steam release. I should have it also available on other distribution platforms soon.

Steam release is happening February 13th 15:00 PST. That's it! mark it in your calendar. I'm so excited to get to release on steam and it has allowed me to add a few more features to the game, most importantly Steam leaderboards. Now players can see their time compared with everyone else that is playing the game on steam. In my eyes this is fantastic. Something I didn't imagine I could do is now in the game thanks to steam. This will add a lot of value for players and will be great for the community around the game. I look forward to seeing some really fast times and hopefully some speed runs online.

I've made some standard achievements for completing levels and unlocking heads etc, there are also some secret achievements to unlock as well, 30 in total. Good luck! There are card drops in the game now too which is pretty exciting, being able to add these items to the community.

Once again, I'm so excited to finally be able to release on Steam and thank you to everyone that helped.

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