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Zeran's Folly will be on Steam for Windows PC (and maybe other things) this Fall.

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Zeran's Folly

Zeran's Folly is coming to Steam this Fall!

The game is getting close to being done so I'm comfortable with narrowing the release date a bit. Scheduling projects it to be done around October, possibly sooner if I work hard. Once there are only trivial things left to finish, I'll set a hard release date and link the Steam store page here so you can add it to your wish list or whatever you crazy kids do.

gibe monies or i report u

Along with the main game, I plan on providing the soundtrack as DLC since that's a thing people do and apparently want. These prices haven't been approved or finalized yet, but I was considering $9.99 for the game itself, $9.99 for the soundtrack, and $14.99 for the Jeasel's Bounty bundle that includes both the game and the soundtrack. So much savings! Jeasel knows a good deal when he sees one.

So what's left?

  • A few bosses. They have their models and their AI drafted, just need to implement and test.
  • Generic NPCs. Walking purveyors of text boxes.
  • Cutscenes/dialogue. The system is in place and most of it is written, just need to script it all.
  • Town art. Huge pain in the ass.
  • Music tracks. Saving this for last because it matters the least in terms of functionality.
  • Vendor interface. For buying rings and costumes. Haven't decided how I'm doing this yet.

Future Content

$9.99 is a mega-deal because I'm planning to expand the game a lot after release. Here are some potential goodies to look forward to FOR FREE:

  • Two new playable characters you can unlock, Anne and Marco
  • New epilogue dungeons and explorable areas, including Solar City, Splendor, Algor Peak, The Underneath, Sky Dragon Isle, The Gauntlet, and more
  • All rings and outfits unlocked
  • Alchemy Stones, which are cooldown-based power-ups
  • New mini-games here and there

So, save up your lunch money and get ready for Zeran's Folly this Fall.

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