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One of the areas, where we previously lacked talent, was sound. With Steam Racers 3.0, this will be history, as Robin Arnott has completely remade all sound effects and added many new from the ground up.

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We previously announced that we had the great honor of welcoming Robin Arnott onto our team as a Sound Designer. A discipline the game several lacked before, Robin has worked 24/7 to provide the most fantastic audible experience you can imagine!

Every exisiting piece of custom sound has been remade in order to preserve the mood and atmosphere and create an even more awesome experience. And being the ambitious and never satisfied creator that Robin is, he has been diggin deep into the exisiting UT3 sound cues and replaced almost all the exisiting Unreal sound effects with customized treats for the ear.

The audio experience will be nothing short of incredible, where complex sound cues create a rich variety of effects, each differing from time to time. Pay especially close attention to the new explosion sounds... they might blow your mind!

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