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Steam Marines v0.7.2a brings Promotion overhauls for each class, tile indicators for mouse actions, dressier window GUI, and more!

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Hey, everyone.

If you enjoy Steam Marines please do head over to Steam Greenlight and vote for it!

It's been about a month and a shiny new update is here! Promotions/talents have been overhauled. Each class now has a choice between an active and a passive talent at each rank. Some new stuff and some old - Scouts still get Scoped and Grenadiers can destroy landmines, kill with aoe, or prevent friendly fire.

But the first thing you'll probably notice is this little ring:

It's to better help players navigate with the mouse cursor, and to inform new players that you can actually do so! Eventually the animation will be context sensitive, giving you a visual indicator of what you can do on that tile, like select a marine by clicking directly on him/her or smash down a wall, or using a dispenser or terminal.

The ring should also slide under or over objects depending on what is on the tile:

The windows/popups in Steam Marines also got a facelift (Options Menu is a work in progress) to make them all consistent. Also, transparency looks nice:

Lots of other goodies in this build, from sound effects, ammunition in magazines instead of being loose rounds, and variable class sight radius - use your flashlight/laser sight wisely! Steam Marines also now has gamepad (and technically joystick support. Yell at me with your OS/hardware of choice if something is funny :)

Last but not least, I'd like to showcase two YouTube videos made of Steam Marines, one by Juicy Hippo Time:

And the other a bit old and in Polish by StrumienieZRuczaju:

As usual you can download the game at the official website or on the forums. Thanks much to both of them and thanks to you for reading and happy robot hunting!

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