Post news RSS Steam Marines hits #99 on Greenlight v0.6.3a is out!

Steam Marines hits #99 on Greenlight v0.6.3a is out!

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Hello, everyone!

I have some super awesome news, Steam Marines made it to #99 on Steam Greenlight! Huzzah!

Steam Marines #99 on Greenlight

It's been quite a while since the last build! Thankfully v0.6.3a comes with a new deck of the ship, more interactive environments, creepy things popping out of grates, and cooler weapon stats to keep you all occupied. I'd very much like any feedback on the direction Steam Marines is taking with more in-depth stats and they way deck progression is shaping up to work. Some eye candy for you all, courtesy of @Detocroix:

New Art Assets

The download page as ever, and of course the changelog:

New Features
Added new art assets for consoles, switches, PDAs, dispensers, traps and gratings, and a tileset for the Engineering Deck.
Consoles can give information on the current level, reveal parts of the map, or just have flavor text.
Switches turn nearby lights on and off.
Dispensers give a random amount of ammunition to the squad member using it.
Monsters can burst from grates.
Added Engineering Deck to the game with separate music from the Command Deck (first level).
Added random weapon magazine capacity.
Added randomized weapon damage with new damage range stat on all weapons (not melee).
Added randomized weapon AP cost to fire.
Added randomized weapon AP cost to reload.
Added randomized weapon magazine capacity.
Updated Weapon Swap GUI to reflect new stats.

Bug Fixes
Fixed display bug with skill Arms increasing weapon range instead of accuracy.
Fixed custom fonts sometimes not displaying properly on Mac OS X.
Refactored fire code to be more generic for use in active talents. This fixed a firing bug with Double Tap.
Fixed bug with Scout weapon not firing through some enemies.
Fixed bug with ammunition not properly deducting when marines fire in Follow Mode.
Fixed sizing display bug in Weapon and Armor Swap GUIs.
Fixed Guard Mode issue with line of sight.

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