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UPDATE 1/8/2015

Put up Zombie Crisp on slidedb!

lol sorry guys if anyone out there was waiting on me to do the above. I've been real busy working on my 2D apps and trying to get company stuff of the ground, and just generally working on apps. I'm still interested in doing this krazy ball game, but i might actually make it into an ios,android app as well.

Right now though i gotta focus on this 2d zombie game ive been working on for a long time now.


I've spent the last year or so getting depressed over my 40 hour week "career" and working on a simple 2D zombie shooter for iphone/android, honing my game making skills one baby step at a time. Once in a blue I'd take a peek at this page to be pleasantly surprised that KrazyBall consistently stays at least in the top few thousand(at the moment it's actually at 684 of 18,608 WOW!) despite no updates whatsoever.

On to the business!

A good friend of mine(also depressed over his 40 hour a week career) randomly spit an idea at me:
"Hey what if we tried putting the game on steam?"
I'm like:
"Well if KrazyBall actually got accepted on steam, i'd have to actually finish this game and all that... hmm **** it lets try it, if it works then that would be EPIC!"
friend:"yea you'd be set for life!"
me:"ok lets not get carried away now the game still has to actually sell, but... twould still be EPIC!"

My good friend is currently working on getting through the submission process at the moment, meanwhile here are the MUST HAVE features that would have to be completed before I even consider releasing the full game:

50 levels
ACTUAL graphics(textures,3d models, particle effects, lighting)
Better/more sounds
More music

Multiple "themes", the theme changes every 5 or 10 levels, so maybe since the first 10 levels or so are tutorial type levels, the theme could be some safe looking wood textures like the demo or something.
The final 10 levels could fit some crazy lava type theme.

The hub level REFLECTS the theme changes and contains the "entrances" to all the levels in the game and are closed off by theme and will be unlocked as you progress.
I've always envisioned a hub level where you start out in some safe foresty looking place and FAR FAR in the distance you see the peak of a VOLCANO spewing lava or something and you slowly make your way there as you progress through the game :)
It's like a journey except... your character is a ball haha! I love ball puzzle/obstacle games so making an epic adventure where you control a ball the whole time sounds awesome to me, maybe even some kind of unifying story sprinkled on top? O.o

Well that's the main gist of it, im certain other things will come up throughout development if this thing actual takes off but baby steps at a time is what i say.

The EXCELLENT part is that I ALREADY got this nice level editor that took me over a year and massive blood sweat and tears to develop. I'm obviously intimately acquainted with it so honestly the biggest challenge would be to create 50 FUN AND INTERESTING LEVELS. I'd do my utmost best to not release garbage.

I'd also do a PC release initially, but there's nothing stopping me from expanding to iphone/android/consoles... thanks to the Unity3D engine :)

So in conclusion, if YOU are interested in seeing the above ^^^ become a reality, stay tuned, I'll update this page once KrazyBall(WORKING TITLE) is available for voting.

and leave a comment! so i know im not just talkin to myself...

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