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Zeran's Folly is now on Greenlight and some other stuff happened too.

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Zeran's Folly is now on Steam Greenlight!

At the time of writing, it has just shy of 47,543 Yes votes, if "just shy of" means "0.6478% of". Go vote either way if you're so inclined: Zeran's Folly on Steam Greenlight

My rationale for launching a Greenlight campaign with a half-finished game is that most of the stuff in the trailer is fairly finished. That's right: it's not going to look much different come launch time. There will be more uninteresting, trailer-unfriendly stuff like dialogue, rings, talents, etc, but it wasn't worth waiting to put those things in there.

Old Business

Here are some updates about some things that were said in the lsat update:

  • All six dungeons are room-complete. Vinegarden and the Final Dungeon still need their bosses and textures but everything is playable. Garden Rush, the timed platforming submission in Vinegarden, is now functional. Multiple texture layers are in. Speaking of which...
  • Load times have been improved dramatically. It's in the latest build but that came after the last news update.

New Business

Get ready for a sticky belly because inventory management is here:

Zerans Folly 2017 02 04 01 16 3

Here in the Ring Box you can see a few things:

  • There are 55 rings total. 15 of them have cosmetic effects like screen shaders and character coloring.
  • Some rings have Mega versions that are more powerful.
  • Each ring requires an amount of RP (Ring Power) to equip.
  • You can increase RP by gaining XP (Transcendence Points). XP is gained by killing monsters or buying XP items with gelder. You can have 99 RP at most.
  • Lisa has a sexy hand.

Zerans Folly 2017 02 04 01 18 0

Ah, talents. It wouldn't be a modern game without talents.

  • Each character has 6 talents. Talents are unlocked through events and meeting requirements.
  • You can equip as many or as few talents as you like, there's no limit.
  • Most talents are straight-up buffs, a few are sidegrades.

Other stuff is yet to come, like the Wardrobe that lets you change your character's outfit, and the map screen.

Here's a video of Panic King, the first boss in the final dungeon:

Here's a big long video of the final dungeon with placeholder textures, if you can handle it:

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