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Featuring a new trailer with 100% freshly-squeezed gameplay footage!

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Steam GreenLight:

Please give our game a glance:

We need very YES vote we can get - it's being flooded with NOs! Not fun! It's like everyone WANTS to be Patchman!

DBP Trailer:

Every scene in our trailer is 100% real gameplay footage! No fakery, no scripts, just live footage of us playing the levels, recorded and spliced together. The title card sequences are not part of the game, obviously, but the end logo is, that's our interactive splash screen where you can touch each letter and have the whole phrase explode! The trailer is a culmination of over a year of work, and an even longer design process. Anything you see in the trailer (and more) is something you can do right now in the game.

We only disabled the HUD and positioned the camera for some shots, but even when the camera is following the Sheeple, you do that in the game by pressing tabs on the left of the screen to spy from afar. At key moments the engine automatically letterboxes for a scene, such as when a Sheeple ascends. Players are free to zoom in and out as they please. You can even have a boring office meeting about Symbols if you really want! As long as your disguise fools the Sheeple, they won't alert the Drones.

Many tiring days and nights were poured into this - we hope you enjoy it.

Steam GreenLight:

For More Information:

Please visit our website for more info:

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