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After 6 years TAXINAUT is finally coming to Steam Early Access. The version will also finally be updated.

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Steam Early Access Release on September 15th!

After 2 years, since the Early Access release I'm finally ready to release a new version which will also be available on Steam Early Access:

Here's a quick gameplay overview video:

Changes & new features

A lot has been updated, changed an fixed. A lot of it is technical (e.g. there are now extensive automated tests, scripting has been replaced with "plugable" Java classes, etc.). Here's a short list of some of the changes and new features:

  • A big main story about finding your friend "Birdie" that can be completed.
  • Most items like equipment etc. are now "consumables" you "consume" one for each use.
  • Reworking of the game-over, cycling and saving mechanics: When you "die" you cycle and are reborn at your home with all your material items (that you had on you) gone including your taxi. You can contact a taxi-company to borrow a cab from them in return for a percentage of your fares.
  • At your home you can sleep, eat, heal and repair everything all at once and for free. Your home has a store where you can store items (like equipment) for later use. Through certain story-lines or by buying them at certain places, you can also unlock items for purchase at your home's store. Items are a lot cheaper to buy at home than anywhere else. Together with the ability to transfer VUDU between yourself and the Nexus (the bank), this allows you to easily replenish things especially after cycling (game-over).
  • Your game is always saved automatically when you quit and (depending on your settings) you can "manual" save at certain places like your home and motels.
  • Although I can make no commitment on documenting it: TAXINAUT is now fully moddable (you need to know or be willing to learn some Java).

Since I (mosgrom) know very few people any liking, wishlisting, etc. would be very much appreciated!


this could be actually the third oldest job in galaxy, i mean, soldiering is older.

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