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Steam.Theres a lot of arguement about that Steam and Desura are competing with each other. Well.....

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Note:This is a short Article.

Steam is completly different than Desura.Desura has a link on it to take you to Steam!Steam is for big games and mods but not as many as Desura.Basically Desura takes a lot of games that dont make it to steam,but desura has so many more mods then Steam.For mods its all about Desura.Big games,popular games Steam.Not that Desura does not have good games dont mean its not good.Theyve got great games and an incredible amount of mods. So um yeah...
Add me on Steam my username is yamimash and i have a gamerpicture of a baby sayin he got all 8 slender pages.Note:I change my username from yamimash to The Mash and to Come to the Mash so um yeah.

-Adrian (SlenderMin)Gamerz Nation Leader

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