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Stealing IP's, names for groups or whatever... no one should be able to get away with this crap.

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well i should have known this was going to happen... someone or a small group of someone's has stolen my IP Abyssal Games (supposedly canada based) they do not have permission to use my IP that was meant solely for this mod team and possible future business.

the so called game company website:
the site has only been up for a month or so...
all of their 'games' which are also pretty much stolen, have been setup this year as well...

i have been using abyssal games as my IP for almost 5 plus years now, time spent working on the IP itself as well as ideas for the future of my IP.... all of the work i have put into this group, the IP, game ideas, etc. is meaningless to douchebags who cant come up with their own ideas etc....

thanks you scum of the earth...
while Slayer_2 will still be working on our first official game, im done for the time being.

good bye for the time being and possibly forever... for those who care, well send your letters to Slayer_2 he will at least read them... for everyone else including the team here is a giant F-U.

thats right you jews working on who no longer care or give a damn about why you started the site to begin with, yes you have lost site of your own goals in creating this site now its just a glorified mod storage site instead of trying to help and inspire people to create companies of their own or try to start a given indie game company... you are now (whether you realize it or not) snuffing out creativity/ambition/ideals/etc. because you have now bought into the mainstream game machinations of the big business companies instead.

will probably have my account shutdown just for that last statement, but i no longer care... the truth is the truth and it hurts no matter were it comes from or how hard you try to destroy or hide it.
so FU im out... good luck you fools who can no longer think for yourselves.

feillyne Staff

"Abyssal" is a common word, it's no surprise someone used it along with "Games" to create his company/team name.

It's only serious when someone steals game content / art / logo / trademarks etc.

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sbseed Author

actually the only thing that had abyssal anything connected to it was the abyssal engine over 2 years ago (time period past using it hear)... abyssal games didnt exist outside of my group almost 5 years ago(i have only used it on here for about 2 years).

no forum/business/or other entity besides the MMO engine abyssal that used anything to do with it... thats why i chose it as my IP abyssal games didnt exist in any form before i started using it.

i know because i did research on several names i wanted to use... it wasnt till a half year after i started using it for my team and work that other people started using abyssal games name for their forums and stuff, that i didnt care about so much (even if it was annoying).

no what ****** me off is when someone purposely steals my stuff for their own greed... they didnt earn the name they didnt come up with it themselves.

the only reason abyssal games IP existed in the first place was because of me... you can take your common word (turn it sideways) and shove it.

if i had the funds i would sue the pants of the dickbags, but i have no recourse because i dont have any money for any of it.

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You're really smarmy if you think you invented such a common name. They are a registered enterprise. You're not.

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