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I added some cool stuff including per-kr's armor player model, go kart, and chainsaw, but i found out that network is borked in some freaky weird way and i have no idea how to fix it.

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i will be uploading the patch so you all can have a crack at playing it. the good news is that i incorporated some of the cool stuff into the next sdquake patch. WOOHOO!

so... in summary

for sdquake 1.9
go kart
new monster -- fat commander
new sounds -- lo wang, maybe others
new player skin -- lo wang, maybe others
some bug fixes
some new bugs (likely)
a few new maps
and lots of good clean wholesome fun with a few bad words and lots of violence but absolutely no sex. unless you like shirtless men. well anyway here's some characters for you frickin' moddb news requiring character counters......................................

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