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Assault mod for UT3 is looking for a new team leader and mappers.

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Since I'm working in the game industry (full-time job, so quite busy), I don't have time to continue working on this project only on my own...

So basically I'm not going to continue this mod, unless someone is interested and wants to create a team and gather some mappers, then I'm ready to join and share my work with that person.

About the mod:
The core of the game is there, it's currently possible to create a map with some basic objectives and play. The AI is buggy, there are probably replication/network issues to fix (so far I've only played locally), and some objectives are missing (but this is the 'easy' part :p).
I think that with a good team, made of a team leader (so that's the person I'm looking for), one or two scripters (including myself), one 2D/3D artist (here I could help) and 2-3 (or more) mappers, this mod could be finished in less than 6 months.
So that's it, if you are interested, or if you know people that could be interested, contact me !

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