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A news item giving an overview what is done yet and what is left to do to finish this modproject.

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Hey guys, I know it's been a month since the last news update and I really wanna appologize for that. But with all the things going on, it was just to much to either continue working on the project or writing news. But here I am back from the dead...

Within the next days I'll continue working on Desolated so that with a bit of luck I'll finish it to christmas. But the question is what is left to do?

- THEY Level: Questinteractions + Nightmare Quest + Questbook entries
- Diary entries
- Subtitles placement
- rendered Cutscenes
- QA

Another thing I'd like to tell is, that the first version 1.0 won't include spoken dia- and monologues, there will be just subtitles (but in English, German and Italian). The reason for that is simple, after the Hell Island debacle I don't wanna rush the recordings and therefore I'll release a patch you can download later to have those spoken texts.
But if you all say NO, I'd rather like to wait a bit longer to have the voice actings for the first version, then please comment the news with your opinion!
That'd be okay either...

So this is it for now, I'll keep you all updated on the progress. Oh before I forget, I'd like to thank =FF=Sturm for his help with the weapon-skins, he changed them a bit to make 'em look better.
But now really, thanks for your patience and stay tuned.

Update (10-22-09):
As Mv.c9 was aksing I can give a tiny hint on the release date. I kinda had a talk to my voice actor, it seems like his role will be done for the final. Therefore I'd say the mod shall arrive either at the end of 2009 or in early 2010 (but then with voice acting ;) ).


I personally wouldn't mind a lack of voiceover's. Although you could always go for voiceover in the major cutscenes and subtitles everywhere else. But its your call, release it when you feel its ready to go.

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Do what feels right, keep us updated!

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