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With it's story now finalized, White Night is now ready to complete its levels and more.

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Hi all;
It's been a while since I posted some news. I'd like to make sure that this mod won't be dead, I'm working on it; and I want to complete it. The levels I'm working on are big, and I cannot show any of the uncompleted works. I'll share the pictures of the finished parts of levels after some progress.

Firstly, I'd like to make clear that this mod is about immersion. I was working on an Intro part, which I'm trying to get you fully immersed before getting into full game. Journey on Gurney video has now more stuff in it, and is a part of the intro.


I've shared the story that I was writing for this mod with some people, and the responses I received were pretty much elating. Mostly, they were saying that the story is lack of cliché, and maybe even preserve it to a commercial game.(I have other stories for our commercial games, so don't worry, this mod will be released for free eventually.)

Story scripting is not yet finished, because I want to finish levels first and decide what level contains which event.


I have four finished levels. One of my friends(unalsnake) drew some sketches based on a real structure. I've changed some things on them and now working to build up these levels. It takes so much time to construct a beautifully designed level with preventing player to speed run it within a minute. Thinking that people will post videos on youtube titled White Night (8 Minutes!!!111) is really discouraging. Of course, people who will go for story will have a satisfying length. That's what I'm trying to do for now.

Also we can say mod is finished only @-45.


Well, there is not much to say at the moment. Although the Theme thing says it's a Horror mod, it will be more like a Thriller. (Post your thoughts/desires in comments please :) )

I'll try to add some good scares, but overall, it's not Amnesia. It's not a map pack. It's a mod; and my main goal is to see if it immerse you. Keep that in mind.

Well, for now that's all. If you have questions, I'd like to hear them, but I can't give any further information on story. People I shared the story are now regretting that they are spoiled ;)


Looking forward to a story based mod! Tired of all the cheap scares.

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keep up the good work ^^ can't wait to play ^^

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