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Oast house, beekeeper's lodge, mead brewery and other things.

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I continue to work on diplomacy, and there are several new buildings and objects for the upcoming alcohol-themed update.

Cider brewery


Cider brewery has got a new sprite to match with other alcohol industry buildings.

Flowers, beehives, beekeeper's lodges and mead brewery


The more flowers are around a beehive, the faster it produces honey. Honey is collected by a beekeeper. Honey can then be delivered to a peddler's tent and used as food, or brought to mead brewery. Mead is a type of alcohol alongside with cider.

Oast house


Grower harvests green hops and brings it to an oast house, where hops are dried using logs. Hops are needed for beer production. Here's an oast house IRL:

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