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Minstrels guild and a list of improvements for the upcoming 0.5 update.

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Not much in terms of graphics this week, but I hope will be able to get back on track with that next week.

Minstrels guild (a fame generating building):


I've been focused mostly on various improvements and suggestions for the upcoming 0.5 update. Here are some of them:

- Clothes are required before boots (as an experiment).

- Overview window includes lore, magic and fame.

- City name, ruler name and title can be specified manually.

- All color combinations for the realm shield are allowed.

- Clicking on upper panel opens the respective window (Overview window for coins, magic and fame, Employment window for population and Research window for lore).

- Ctrl+S saves the game.

- Houses require more furniture and clothes and fewer pillows (+ some other balance changes).

- Storage yard window is arranged better.


- Employment window can show only existing industries.


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