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Diplomacy and balance changes, optimizations and other things.

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This week I mostly focused on diplomacy improvements and various other things. Also, I decided to rebalance industries once again to make it generally easier to understand. Basically, every building produces 24 loads of a certain resource per year. Exceptions are: hunter's lodge and mines, which produce 12 loads per year. So now you know exactly how many grower's lodges you need for each bakery to maintain optimal efficiency.

Rabbits now drop wool as well as meat.

Conquered rivals now become your vassals. Vassals are more likely to fulfill your request and less likely to request goods from you. You can also become someone's vassal if you surrender to an invasion. You liege is more likely to send you requests and less likely to fulfill yours. Vassal can break free by attacking his liege. I will also make tributes for the next update.


I did some code optimizations and Hearthlands now takes up about 60% less video memory. This still needs to be tested on a few different systems, but I think it should work everywhere.

Not much in graphics-wise this week, so here's a screenshot of my second test town (the first one was destroyed rather surprisingly fast):


(Click to enlarge)

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