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Hi all. It is with great regret that I no longer find myself with the time required to push Rise forwards to completion. This leaves us with a few options, Plan A being asking for some more help.:

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In order to push Rise to completion the team would need:
A new project manager / lead developer. I cannot stress enough how important this role is. You will really need some real life project management skills and experience in managing multi-disciplined activities. It is not a position to be taken lightly.
A modeller to help with the rigging aspects. This person should be very proficient with the workings of Cryengine 2.
Level desiginer.
Possibly an additional coder/scripter.

Personally I have very strong links to this project, after investing a lot of time (and I mean a lot), effort and finances, so I would like to be involved with the Project Management as a 'consultant' :)

Now if the team cannot get the mommentum, direction and possibly 'staffing' levels required, ala Plan A, within the next few weeks, then we have been talking about just releasing everything we currently have the moment, source code 'n all. More details will be announced on that if we reach that stage.

So if you can seriously help plug the gaps and fulfill roles need for Plan A, then please get in touch via our main site and we will discuss further.


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Have you contacted anyone at CryMod or Mycrysis? I'm sure some people would love to help out.

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What a disappointment.

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I'd hate to see this die...

Maybe try releasing some more media of what you have finished, since you haven't shown much here over the last year. This would draw attention to the mod, which is good by itself, and might catch the eyes of some modders willing to help.

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