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Been a while since the last update so I figured I'd play catch up.

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hey guys, Warman here.

I felt the need to update you all about what's been going with this mod since the last time I said anything here was a month ago. Things are going pretty good right now. As you can see in the screenshots section I'm currently adding high era units to the various nations. I've been adding light units to these factions as well to flesh out the Western European rosters. England is done and as of today France is done too so expect screenshots soon. I'm now moving on to Flanders, here's the units I plan to add:

Heavy Goedendagers
Goedendag Militia
Armoured Pikemen
Pike Militia
High Period Knights

I'm also going to adjust the Burgher Infantry and Cavalry to make them look more unique. After Flanders I'll probably do some adjustments to some of the other nations like Poland and Hungary and go from there. I don't have an estimate yet for a second version release other than I'd like to get one out before Attila comes out this February(rumored) No promises though. In regards to my other team members out researcher Lord Giovanni is going into unit design to expand some of the Russian and Latin Empire rosters. Our other unit designer Ltd. is on a semi-break for the time being so his progress is slowed by a bit. Okay that's all for now!



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