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Another round of updates, news and other matters regarding MKTW.

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Hey everybody, Warman here!

So things are going according to plan so far on my end. I have just finished all the relevant Italian units for the first release Italian faction Venice. Some of those Italian units however will be available to other Italians as well such as the Communal units seen in the image previews. Our team member Ltd. who was doing the Eastern European/Steppes/Central European work was been gone for a week but should be back within another week to resume his progress. I myself am starting to work on the Spanish units now and as of me typing this update have gotten the Jinetes done and am now working on the Spanish Castellans and Squires, note that the Knights for Spain are already done, check the images to find them. I'll upload preview screens soon on those.

Next I am working on another video showing an epic battle. Expect it soon if all goes well. Here's a hint of what it will be about:

Duel of the Empires

I will also try to upload more gameplay footage as well. I also post all my videos for this mod as my Youtube account here:

Lastly I have updated the summary page because there was things out of date including some of the faction names which several of you pointed out. My bad and it should now be fixed. The map is gone until we get to that point, plus it wasn't up to date anyways. Also just as a reminder the mod is not out yet but will be hopefully soon in a month, check out status update #1 for more info though I might repost it again.

Okay guys that's all for now!



You should also add Serbian faction also, on your map Bulgaria owns Serbian teritories. Until 1217. Serbia was called Grand Principality of Raskia (Velika Zupa Raska), and from 1217. until 1346 when Serbia became Empire.

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