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The status of the mod as of April 30. I have about 35% of the things done. The job for artist is now closed an I will be doing it myself. I also have a release date for a multiplayer demo. No release date for the full mod yet.

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Here's the current status of the mod:

Campaign:[ ] 0%
Maps: [ ] 0%
Buildings (this includes civilians and tech buildings): [/////////// ] 59%
Vehicle voxels: [////////////////////] 100%
Infantry art: [/ ] 4%
Balancing: [/////////// ] 58%
AI: [/////////////////// ] 95%
Spell Cards (Super Weapons) : [////////////////// ] 95%
UI art: [///////////// ] 72%
Background & Loading Screen art: [/// ] 10%

Since it's been a while and I haven't recieved any applications, I have decided to close hiring for artists and I will be doing that job myself. Don't expect much quality artwork from me though...

Also, I have a planned release date for a multiplayer demo. It will be up for download around the same day as the Second Day of Comiket, which is on August 13th (No, I won't be attending). It might subject to change, however.... Hopefully, it won't.

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