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The status of the mod as of March 11. So far, I have about 25% of the mod done and I'm currently hiring for a specific task.

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Hey everyone. Here's my current status for the mod in progression percentages:

Campaign:[ ] 0%
Maps: [ ] 0%
Buildings (this includes civilians and tech buildings): [/////////// ] 56%
Vehicle voxels: [////////////////////] 100%
Infantry art: [/ ] 2%
Balancing: [////////// ] 52%
AI: [///////////////// ] 84%
Spell Cards (Super Weapons) : [////////////////// ] 94%
UI art: [///// ] 23%
Background & Loading Screen art: [ ] 0%

I've recently finished adding almost every units and infantries into the aimd.ini file. The only units left are the Marisa Dolls, the Stolen Tech units, and the Mercenary units (to be explained as a feature article). I might either start working on the buildings or the infantries.

As of now, I am currently accepting artists that has a passion for the series and is willing to draw one or more images in the following category:
-Background Images
-Loading Screens
-Cameos (icons for units)

Those willing to contribute will have the opportunity to try out the mod a week prior to a release, demo or full. Leave a pm telling me that you are willing to contribute.
Note: I will not accept or use artworks drawn neither by you nor myself without the respective artist's consent. The reason is that I want to make this distinct from the other touhou mods from other games such as Defense of the Shrines (even though it's a map). But, I also want to give any artists willing to contribute an opportunity for their work to shine in game and be proud of it.

If anyone's interested, I'll list the items for each category.

Also, be sure to check out the features section once in a while for updates.

Edited the warning. I didn't think this one too clearly

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