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Very first status report - Is summarise my development from 12/2016 to 1/2017

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There was a guy from community asking for some news, so I decided to summarise last two months and to start making these reports regularly.

So this is my sleepless night's result

- New track laying system finished (!)
- New track piece: S-curve 1x3 tiles big
- Fixed semaphore issue, AI path finding
- Localisation to more than 10 languages
- New Font supporting variouse alphabets
- New Gui visual, Animated Gui highlighting
- Improved masks under buildings (gravel/concrete)
- Implemented physics for trains (power, weight, innertia)
- Implemented logic for (un)loading based on platform length
- Multiple Engines in one train and two-head engines (WIP)
- Bridge smoothing and slopes lowered
- Zooming in/out to mouse position
- New vegetation (pinus, picea, birch)
- New industry branch (iron ore)
- New wagons (iron ore, mail)
- Selective track removing
- Shadows on particles
- Many bugs fixed
- Big cities


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