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A little message about current status, possible porting and other updates

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Hey folks, as you all know we have been silent for a long time now. No we are not dead, but we also won't surprise you with some big news. Lynx and me just have been very busy during the past months and didn't have a chance to continue our work/hobby.
Lynx has recently continued his work on some high quality props. Things like lightposts, bacta suspenders, vents, etc.
I am currently trying to fix some issues with the walker codes. There is some bugs with pathfinding, collisions and animations which need to be solved.


I am currently planning to port the mod to Call to Arms, once it'll be released. There are some problems with the outdated AS version of the game. Plus, we want to have the steam support for multiplayer sessions and the advantages of an improved engine. Porting to AS2 would be a rather small step, so our goal is the further polished engine used in Call to Arms.


I've uploaded a new video showing some WIP Endor gameplay. Sadly the footage was kind of damaged... This is the first time I've used OBS to capture and... well, obviously it didn't work well for me. For the other videos I've always used XFire, but had issues trying to record from the Map Editor recently. So sorry for the weird cuts and lags in the video.

Rising Empire

Guest - - 698,650 comments

About porting will you release the AS version if its gona be a litle broken for the fans who waited for it to be released for AS1 soo they dont have to buy Call Of Arms or will you just port it to Call To Arms and release that version only

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thereaperstrain - - 226 comments

Would like to know this as well.

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Buzztr0n Author
Buzztr0n - - 705 comments

We are far, far way from a full release, so the full project will be for CoA, IF we make the decision to port it. Like i said, there is currently plans, but it will depend on my testing of the game once it's released. Further updates to the demo however will still be for AS1.

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Mister_Vogel - - 886 comments

And what exactly is wrong with Assault Squad 2 ? Porting the mod to CoA is like porting it to Vietnam,or to Condemned Heroes.Maybe you could at least stick to AS2 for now,in your plans ?

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Buzztr0n Author
Buzztr0n - - 705 comments

The changes from AS1 to AS2 rather small. CoA will feature way more upgrades and improvements to the engine.

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Woofy_McDoodle - - 195 comments

I understand that it takes a long time and ambition to make such a mod, but why cant you release bigger chunks of the mod? I mean I saw your videos and pictures you uploaded and I see AT-ATs with the most beautiful animations, lots of units/vehicles and so on. What exactly is the problem, why cant you release this? I think every Fan of this mod would go nuts even if you update the demo and include one single blaster or something :D The quality is there but not the quantity.

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Buzztr0n Author
Buzztr0n - - 705 comments

There is still lots of problems with the walkers. In one scene of the latest video you can see one not playing the walk animation. Just because you don't see the problems, doesn't mean they are not there.

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Guest - - 698,650 comments

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heliobilac2 - - 157 comments

Do not worry, we can expect ... this mod that you two are doing is nothing more than a new game, a new art, a mod that starwars fans will buy the game just to have an experience of a real game this thematic

Congratulations to you two and that the force be with you


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