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I finished the beta version of the coop mod for Spearhead and now we're testing. You can take a part in the further tests!

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Greetings Guys,

I finished the beta version of the coop mod for Spearhead (don't worry, you'll play Allied Asault and Breakthrough in coop) and now we're testing. If we finish the first beta test, I would like to make a new test-round with those fans who would like to take a part in that. This will be a closed test. My only ask is to sending the founded bugs. If you would like to testing the mod, pls send a pm to me.

I think we can start the testing in the middle of april.

The different versions of the game can causes joining problems, so at this time I recommend the using of COOP mod in LAN. The same versions works correcty on the internet. I recommed to use the GOG (Good Old Games) version, because that is the last publicated version, which includes AA, SH and BT, every game is fully patched + cracked (means no cd-check or cdkey check with a very simple install)

It seems, that the COOP version of AA will be run under from Spearhead, because the original AA cannot handle correctly the COOP game. It has animation problems for the clients, the compass doesn't show the direction and distance of actual objective, no melee attack for the player...etc. I cannot fix these problem, because I can modify only the scripts, the Source Code of the game isn't publicated. Anyway, you'll have to install Spearhead for COOP game.

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