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Status report on Patch 3, current progress, About 60% or more completed so far. The news in this post describes the more significant changes I'm adding, although they may seem insignificant.

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I'm about 60% done or more, possibly, on the next update. What I am currently in the middle of, is fixing some things due to the complications that duplicating the ammo types has created, because of the fact that this mod requires many weapons to use magazines, the new trader ammo, (which is ammo in boxes, as opposed to spare ammo that spawns on corspes) did not originally load into magazines, and in order for it to do so, it requires re-writing parts of the magazines.ltx in order to include them.

I'll paste an example below:

[wm_5.56x45a100]:wm ;_cmag
ammo_mag_size = 100
ammo_class = ammo_5.56x45_ss190, ammo_5.56x45_ap
charged0 = mag_100_5.56x45_ss190
charged1 = mag_100_5.56x45_ap
inv_weight = 0.75
visual = weapons\magazines\mag_100_556x45.ogf
hud = mag_100_556x45_hud

This is what the categories under the magazines.ltx originally looked like, 2 ammunition types are listed under ammo_class, and there are 2 charged states, 1 for each ammunition type. In addition to this, the category after this lists the ammo_class and charged states in reverse-order.

Now below is how I've modified this:

[wm_5.56x45a30]:wm ;_556
ammo_mag_size = 30
ammo_class = ammo_5.56x45_ss190, ammo_5.56x45_ap, ammo_5.56x45_ss190-m, ammo_5.56x45_ap-m
charged0 = mag_30_5.56x45_ss190
charged1 = mag_30_5.56x45_ap
charged2 = mag_30_5.56x45_ss190
charged3 = mag_30_5.56x45_ap
inv_weight = 0.127
visual = weapons\magazines\mag_30_556x45.ogf
hud = mag_30_556x45_hud

Never mind the fact that it is a 100 round magazine compared to a 30 round magazine, it is besides the point of what I have changed here, I would have posted the stats from 9x18, but I've already changed that and this is what I am currently working on.

The -m abbreviations that I added to the new ammo types are to indicate that it is market ammunition. It is no different than regular, spare ammunition that spawns on corpses, except that it doesn't spawn on corpses, it is only found in stashes, and on traders. Market ammunition is the original ammunition, except for the fact that it retains the original box size, as opposed to the spare ammunition, which has had its box size reduced to single rounds. In the future I will distinguish them by giving them separate icons.

Note that under ammo_class there are now 4 variations of ammo, However, though I have added 4 charged states, they still only translate to 2 magazine types. I haven't tested unloading the magazines with new ammo in-game yet, but I supposed that they will convert market ammo to spare ammo, which is indeed the intention.

In addition to this, I will change the price of boxed ammo to several times that of spare ammo, but I will try not to make it prohibitively expensive for the player to use.

Other things I did today was I changed some textures for the exoskeletons for Loners, Duty, and Freedom, and I tried to weaken zombified stalkers and fleshes from bullet fire. I have also changed the default treasure manager to spawn magazines and market ammo in certain stashes. I plan on editing the task rewards once I am done with re-writing the magazines to include the new ammo varieties.

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