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The mod has been in development for a while. This is where we are, and what is left to do. Also acknowledgments.

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I believe some of you have already seen the announcement thread at Hard Light Productions. I haven't gotten myself to opening a Mod Database profile so far, due to the usual hassle that goes with drawing logos, and getting image sizes and file formats right.

The Luyten Civil War has been in development since November 6, 2010; well, that's when I started working on the first mission. At the moment, I have 3 missions done, 1 in a WIP state. I haven't worked much on LCW until now, due to the other projects that I contribute to. Most notably, Fate of the Galaxy and Syrk - The Unification Wars.

Now I'm back in business again. General Battuta, second-in-command of the Blue Planet staff, has volunteered to help me with writing. He has already looked through mission 1 and suggested some tweaks. His help will be invaluable to make the campaign as good as it can be.

Unfortunately, I still need to revise some bits of the story, especially the ending. I know how I want the campaign to end, but if I followed the current script, LCW would end as abruptly as the original Silent Threat. However, the beginning and the middle are sufficiently detailed, so there's no deterrent to making mission progress.

It's too early to give an estimate on a release date. I've set 2011 December as the release date at ModDB, but it's not set in stone.

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