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Second status report - It summarises my development in 2/2017

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This is another status report of Mashinky game development:

- Fixed 41 issues
- Trains can collide
- New font encoding
- Added new languages
- [del] closes all windows
- Added modable Player colors
- Tunel sloping & Tunel smoothing
- Show FPS in setup window, FPS limit
- Fixed En + De + Cz + Ru tutorial texts
- Trees distribution according to landscape height
- New production test with artists: TGV, Truck, Lighthouse
- Landscape Snow & Sea level scaled according to max height
- Better Track laying (search for minimal error path)
- Cursor snapping to track end when zoomed out
- Graphs rendering in statistic windows
- Clipping of building walls in tunel
- Incorporated part of steam SDK
- Station size increased to 8
- Added some missing assets

report  2/2017

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