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There have been many developments as of late that I feel I need to go through.

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UWR is getting a new name and I want people to help me pick one. This is no longer just a weapons mod, although we have a nice selection of high quality weapons, but also a weather mod and soon a gameplay mod as well. We need a new name to reflect that. Last time I brought this up I believe there was only one suggestion.

We have another animator position now open, and even if you don't know how to animate in Xray I'll try and do a better job of teaching, because trust me: you don't want me to attempt animating things :P
Without a working animator on the team this mod is going to look screwed up. Examples being the Remington 700 not having the hands match up with the bolt when moved, or the SR-25 pulling a non-existent charger on the right side. We need your help. Looks like Comrade Bear is still on board, so all is not lost if you don't apply, but it's also not fair to make him do everything, so please apply ;)

Likewise, to extend the engine a bit, I could use ANYBODY that knows even a little C++. It's no secret that we're using the source, and with your help you can make this mod, and any other mods that end up using this engine (Call of Chernobyl, Original Weapons Renewal 3.0, and another possibly as well) better in return. The features I can't program and want added should be fairly simple for anyone with even a beginner's knowledge in C++ programming.

On that note, I want to talk about the engine we'll be using: Open Xray 1.6 :)
I won't mention authors in this post, but a lot of people have contributed to it, and will be credited in the release unless they want their names withheld. The only reason I don't credit the authors in this post is I don't know whether they want it known or not.
However, that being said, here is the current list of features for the version being used of Open Xray 1.6 engine:

  • LUA Jit 2.1 Alpha
  • First-person death
  • Working VSYNC
  • BugTrap disabled, replaced with better system
  • ECO_RENDER designed to limit FPS in menus and videos
  • AI now reacts better to stealth
  • Persistent collision with NPC's and monsters
  • Added full auto pistols in order for empty anims to correctly display (IMPORTANT: Every pistol must now have a fire_modes section, even if not full-auto!)
  • Allowed for variable rates of fire (abakan fires 1800 rpm in 2-round burst mode, while retaining normal rate of fire in other modes)
  • Added actor shadow
  • Added snd_reload_empty for pistols
  • Re-enabled zoom dof and reload dof for weapons, and added reload_empty_dof
  • Upped r__geometry_lod max to 3.0 (was 1.2)
  • Added different sounds for reloading a weapon with a partial mag vs. an empty mag
  • Added possibility of anm_reload_empty to automatic weapons
  • Added anm_reload_misfire for misfire animations
  • Tree sway amplitude configurable in weather configs
  • Skybox stretch fix
  • Sun direction is based on weather configs now
  • Smooth transition with GL attached animations
  • Added two different reload sounds for pistols
  • Grass draw distance command included as well as tweaked grass density variable
  • IsActorOutdoors() function added
  • WP_WALTHER class now is there for revolvers (6 different reload anims)
  • k_air_resistance now works. k_speed is optional variable (multiplier for bullet_speed)
  • Added k_pierce variable. It determines material piercing, while k_ap determines armor piercing (rather than k_ap doing both like before)
  • Fixed Crouch Interpolation
  • key_press, move_wheel, item_to_ruck, item_to_belt, item_to_slot bind_stalker.script callbacks
  • Various bugs and crashes fixed, optimizations added
  • "-dbg" command line variable added (besides debugging, also allows for cheat commands to work)
  • "-skiplogo" command line variable added (skips all startup videos)
  • Fixed "cannot find rank for" weapon bug
  • Actor hit detection callback
  • Other features I'm sure I forgot to mention

It's a great engine to work with and will hopefully make your experience with UWR better.

That's all for now.

UPDATE - New name has been picked: Radium


That sound really REALLY AWESOME!

Good luck for everything. I wish I knew a little about animation and had enough time to do so.

Keep on rocking !

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In the last few years all I've heard is that X-Ray is becoming a pain in the ***. I'm glad to see you saying something different :)
With all these new developments, a handful of people that quit STALKER modding should give the engine a second chance and comeback. NS's creator Arhara just returned, and I wouldn't mind seeing LURK finishing it's development, even though these are SoC mods.

Also, I'm keeping my name suggestion: Ultimate Pripyat Renewal.

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My name sugestion (Even if they already pick one) it's Ukraine Simulator

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Why can't some mods creator co-operate and make the best mod ever
you should ask "Arsenal Overhaul" mod , "Lost Alpha" mod, "MISERY" mod
and some other mods creators to help you and give players and STALKER fans a new mod that rocks the earth !!

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The creators of OWR and AO are working on this mod. :D

I'm doing the sounds for it.

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"Fixed "cannot find rank for" weapon bug" what would this do ? I know it is related to new weapons being missing from mp_rank, is this mean we won't need to add them there anymore ?

The download button is still deactivated xD

You want a title ? here are mine

"Rebirth of Pripyat"
"UWR : Rebirth of Pripyat"
"STALKER : Rebirth of Pripyat"

Good luck folks ! :D

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With all the engine enhancements I would think something along the lines of Optimal would be a good name.

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"Allowed for variable rates of fire"

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Keep the good work ! (y)

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Wow, you are really saying you were able to make Abakan work properly? Kudos!

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why would a class name for revolvers be WP_Walther?

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That makes a lot of sense, actually.

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