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I noticed someone had created a page for the Mod so I decided to create the real one myself here.

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Anime is a touchy subject. So is Bleach. Moreso, the fact that Bleach is a generic, run of the mill, most of the time poorly animated and poorly produced anime also makes such a mod difficult to create. Also, the fact the manga itself has degraded quite a bit also proves to be another interesting factor for this mod.

I don't care about all of that. I enjoy the fact Bleach has tons of weapons that are all capable of diversely different things from one another. That's why I created this mod. I created this mod for the sole purpose of that reason, to add a huge variety of weapons that I can throw into Oblivion, and bastardize into a immensity popular mod.

Right now on TESNexus, the main premiere site for Oblivion modding, my Bleach mod is #6 ranked of all time for Weapon mods. It used to be on the top 100 as well when the rating system for TESNexus was different.

I intend to continue the mod very soon, I was able to get my hands on a copy of BodyPaint3D, and I intend to use it to make texturing my models much easier than it has been. I hate UVMapping with a passion, and the idea of a Photoshop like program for 3D on Surface model texturing has piqued my interest greatly.

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