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Instead of spamming the mod's little discussion area (lol), I'll update this news post with the GFA's completion.

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The following is what the Faction: The Galactic Federation Army has to use.

Please note, I have changed the release date to "TBD" status, as this could be done before the estimated release, and it could be done a while after it.

Text in this color has been completed, tested and working 100%.
Text in this color has been completed, but is buggy and or needs debugging.
Text in this color has not been started or yet to be completed.
Text in this color has been canceled.

GFA Construction Platform
GFA Reactor
GFA Infantry Gate
GFA Drone Refinery

GFA Vehicle Pad
GFA Sensor Array
GFA Air Dock
GFA Tech Lab
GFA Artillery Array

GFA Plasma Tower
GFA Auto Cannon - Auto Cannon Advanced Shells
GFA Rapid AA Laser Pod
GFA Tiberium Silo
GFA Tiberium Extractor

GFA EMP Mortar Turret
GFA Galactic Magnetic Cannon

Pulse Soldier Squad
AV Laser Squad
Jump Jet Infantry
Plasma Squad

GFA Juggernaut (Commando)


Drone Harvester
Harbinger Transport
Plasma-Caster Assault Weapon

X86 Tank
X88 Tank
X90 Siege Tank

Shrike Mk 2 Fighter - Stealth Upgrade (Not Working Currently)
Thundersword Assault Bomber

Phantom139 Author

Feel free to say: "Holy Sh*t that was fast" here :D

Because now that I've done this for a few days, I'm really starting to get the hang of things.

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