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Hello everybody that is watching us! As you may read from the previous news...

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Hello everybody that is watching us!
As you may read from the previous news,we published the pre-alpha release date!
This week,we give information about how the Pre-Alpha will be and also how it will be distributed
First to start is basical information about the Closed Public Build No.366

1) In modification,you will be able to play only 1 map named: The Skyscraper
2) Gamemode supported is Survival (Other gamemodes will come in future)
3) Cooperative is available with means you can play in LAN

This was everything about the Pre-Alpha.
Now what we need from YOU to report here:

1) Bugs - Any kind,even if its a tweak or not,we immedialty fix it
2) Errors/Crashes - They can happen,so please write to us for support
3) Suggestions - They are welcome,but those who are not possible to be done,will not be considered

Now the known problems for the game that we will fix in Alpha Status:

1) Human Knife - Human Bots dont attack the zombies
2) Loading Screen - The loading screen still has some issues
3) Low Support - No,game will not support this setting,until users request this
4) Crappy Photos - Some photos from modification are low quality made,but in Alpha they will be removed

How the Pre-Alpha will be published?
The download will be provived at the target date

Now again some Q/A Sections:

Q: Why only 1 Map? Why only 1 gamemode?
A: First,we need to check the mod's stability and content before "adding" maps

Q: The modification is ready as its written here.Why dont release it now?
A: Its not "ready" as you might think.Modification is being repaired as written in last news

Q: How map The Skyscraper will work?
A: Reinforcements in-game ( Human - 12 | Zombie - 50 )

Q: Why dont you fix the known problems upwards?
A: They cant be fixed yet,which is strange.But we will try to remove some of them

That was everything for today news!
Dont forget to follow us for more details and get the download link first!
Thank you for your attention
Zombie Strike

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