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now the time has come to release some information and screenshots.
I am really glad, that I made enough progress to present this project to you. It was a long way, but now I am here: Trying to bring my vision of a game to you, which combines realtime strategy basebuilding/research, with MOBA like maps and new own ideas. I hope some of you can imagine how great this combination can become.

Current Status

I just give you a short list of things, which already working:

- Technologies
- Ressources
- Combat (missing Collision Advoidance)
- Damage System
- Music & sounds
- Building the base & units
- Creating units from user choosen parts
- Unitcreator
- Multiplayer( but some changes are necessary to get it working again)
- Winning a game ... just destroy this dawm mainbuilding of the enemy ;).
- and I am sure I still forgot something ;).

Next intended features are:

- Laneeditor & Minimap
- Overtaking neutral buildings( They are placed on the lane, you gain advantages by taking them)
- (Upgradeable) unitspawn from the mainbuilding
- And even more in the future!

Next news you are gonna hear some details about the damage system and the unit creator.

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