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This update contains info on what we're working on and that w'ere moving forward at a good pace! We have a LOT of new materials entering the game, a rework of our ledge grab in the works and asset sculpting is really moving forward!

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First, a quick concept sketch! Our 3d/2D artist really enjoys working on organic, interesting forms and statues. This sketch contains some lovely concepting of crane statues, we think one of them looks like a sea creature, can you guess which one?

Statue sktech

As for the rest of our work; we have gotten a lot of materials made and are currently reworking them in substance painter and designer so that we can implement them in Unity. In our next update i'll hopefully be able to showcase them properly.

We're currently working towards a demo build in every part of development, specifically we're working on

- A dynamic ledge grab/pull-up/wall climb where the character will use different animations for different situations

- A really fluid camera system (point of interest systems are in the backlog)

- Even more materials

- Animations working with a controller as well as a keyboard

- Action elements in the design of the game to make it fun as well as puzzly

- Sculpting stones and statues in Zbrush (really tedious work after a while)

That's all, we'll keep it short and sweet.

Hope to see you in our next update!

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