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A brief summary of the status of the Man in Black mod and any future development.

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Dear fans of MIB:

Several of you have reached out to me over the past year to inquire as to the status of the Man in Black mod for Deus Ex.

Unfortunately, there has been no tangible development on the mod for over 3 years now. Our development team was making significant progress over the course of several months, but a series of technical issues (such as loss of multiple servers and website hosts) eventually brought production to a halt. Real World Issues™ followed soon afterward, and everyone fell out of contact or moved on to other projects.

I am still 100% committed to bringing this story and concept to light in some form or fashion (I have written over 400 pages of storyline/dialogue/text and poured countless hours of my life into development of this mod, so there is simply no way I will give up on it!). However, the pool of available mod talent with interest in working on a game based upon the ancient Unreal 1 engine diminishes with each year, as does the audience for such a project. I will always have a fondness for the creaky old physics and graphics of the Unreal Engine, but its time has long since come and gone, and it has simply become too difficult to replace departing team members whenever the inevitable RWI above or personal disputes arise.

As of August 2015, the mod is on permanent hiatus until new mod tools are released for the Deus Ex IP. Currently, the best we can do is continue to pressure Square Enix and Eidos Montreal to give us, the loyal Deus Ex PC community, the tools we need to create the same outstanding user-made mods which DX1 has enjoyed for over a decade now. Should Square/EM see the light, or should the property pass into the hands of another developer who does, I assure you I will start assembling a new team the very second it happens.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support!




Good to hear!

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Glad to see you again! I really hope there will be a DX:MiB one day, best of luck to you on this endeavour! :]

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WildcatPhoenix Author

Indeed, old friend, and thank you! I've been watching the trailers for DX:MD and just thinking, "oh dear lord, what I could do with access to that engine..." lol.

Some day. It's going to happen. Just gotta not die in the meantime. ;)

Hope you're doing well these days!

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